This is Tiana’s first tutorial! (Published on Oct 3, 2013)

She says: “This move was developed through a deep determination to comfortably let go of my hoop, over and over again in flow. Tosses are a beautiful way to practice release while maintaining a fluid and graceful connection. To guide momentum in a way which demonstrates precise control. In theory, this toss never has to end, hence, the infinity toss, and it also happens to be the pattern you create and generate from the core, I think that’s rad. 🙂 Enjoy! Any questions feel free to leave them in comments. Movement to me is more valuable than Moves, but the moves are the lessons that drive our practice forward, they’re the words in our language that deepen our expression. So, Enjoy! Take it, evolve it, share it, let it go. Let it Flowwwwww. As my friend Amelia says, “You can’t own anything but your style” Love to you and yours.”