Тoday’s  lesson by  Miss Abby is The dolphin jump! A great pre-requisite move is hand hooping (https://hoopportal.com/tutorial-for-kids-vertical-hand-spin-hula-hoop-handshake-with-miss-abby/) – and she suggests starting with this one before learning the dolphin jump.

Some quick tips:
– Be sure to keep the hoop vertical. In other words, don’t flip the hoop when you jump through it. You’ll want to stick that elbow through and pull it straight down.
– Once you’ve mastered the jump, then start with hand hooping. To come into this move from hand hooping, you’ll want to make sure your timing is right. In other words, you’ll be coming into the jump on the downward swing of the hoop (when the big part of the circle goes from high to low).
Today’s Challenge: Try putting this move together with another one you’ve learned! You’ll be well on your way to creating a hoop dance routine 🙂