Double Hoops Tutorial

3-beat weave variation inspired by the same movement with POI.

“Definition: Atomic – refers to any number of tricks in which the planes of either poi intersect the plane of the other. This term may be derived from the paths of the poi heads imitating the orbits of electrons around a nucleus of an atom.”

Jasmine Kienne incorporated this poi move into her double hoop flow.

Let’s see her very helpful explanation about 3-beat atomic weave with hoops:

6 step guide:
Begin by practicing right hoop only.
1. Roll over right thumb one complete rotation on left side of body
2. Weave hoop to right side of body
3. Weave hoop back to left side of body
4. Weave hoop to right side of body again and flip hoop to horizontal plane
5. Cork screw above head using thumb-in/hand-in grip switch
6. Cork screw below using same thumb-in/hand-in grip switch

Repeat pattern for left hoop.

When putting hoops together start with a 3-beat weave and after rolling over left thumb on right side of body, flip right hoop into horizontal plane. The flip to horizontal is always after the full thumb rotation of the opposite hoop hand.