Hooping routine/transition ideas with Pam Mayer of PamHoops. 

Here’s a list of the moves:

Passing to helicopter to revolving door to cradle grip back and forth
Flip hoop over arm to chicken grip, add extra flip and bring over head and body
Two-handed float up and down body to halo
Tinkerbell, stir the pot, and horizontal jump-through
Halo to passing, cabaret kicks, then foot pass, then jam arm in hoop to chicken grip flip/jump, tapping hoop on floor in front of you and placing on waist
Vortex, inside passing, then halo
Grasp hoop and bring vertically in front of you, tap hoop with other hand to bring hoop behind you and bring over body down to escalator position
Escalator up to halo
Turn in same direction as hoop, letting the hoop slightly dip and grab opposite side, and with an inside grip, start smearing
One-handed/two-handed/funky isolations
Vertical in front
Across-the-back pass, switch hands
Across-the-chest pass, switch hands
Big arm circles
Vertical side to side with hand grip and direction switch at full extension
Forward weave to barrel roll to forward weave
Windmill, forward weave (thumb lead) position
Thumb-hand switch to reverse weave
Reverse weave jump-through
Windmill, reverse weave (pinky lead) position
Thumb-hand switch to forward weave
Under-the-arm toss, catch with same hand
Elbow-to-elbow pass
Barrel roll with prayer hands
Vertical duck-in, hoop ending up in second hand
Alternating cabaret kicks and tosses, ending back in first hand
Behind-the-back pass
Front weave to vertical jump-through
Vertical jump-through, ending with hoop horizontal
Tap hoop on floor and toss onto body, waist hoop
Turn feet in circle and dip hands in and out of hoop
Pizza toss to halo in second hand, toss onto knees
Grab hoop from knees and bring over body into bow