After 13 months and 500 publications, we are celebrating our 2000th “like” on Facebook!

Created by an addicted hooper, has one major purpose: to share the passion and love for hoopdancing.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the art people and performers presented so far, for their inspiring videos and stories, told in the magical language of dance and body (e)motion. Thank you for all the precious tips and tutorials you have made available!

Here are TOP 5 LISTS of the most liked inspirational hoopdance videos, tutorials and articles on from the creation of the site until now:


TOP 5 Inspirational Videos:

Rachael Lust

Rachael Lust

Hooping Ninja Rachael Lust: Performed at The Arnold Expo 2015 in Columbus, Ohio. Filmed by Hannah Stanton-Gockel /Hula Hooping Hannah/ 356 Likes

Hoop Dance for Chakra Meditation: Chakras can be stimulated in different ways. HOOP DANCE is one of them. In this video Ziggy Starshiine will guide you through the basics of each chakra and the hooping methods to activate them. 149 Likes


Michelle Nayeli

Vinyasa of the Hoop with Michelle Nayeli: Michelle Nayeli taught an amazing synthesis of hoop dance and Vinyasa yoga at the fourth Sacred Circularities Hoop Dance and Movement Meditation Retreat in Bali, April 2013. Check out these two great flow sequences from her retreat workshop! 117 Likes

Our Summertime Video: Joyful video by the members of the Facebook group  “You Know You’re Addicted to Hooping When…?”. An International Hoop Dance Collaboration with a breath of summer and pure happiness! Video: Nick Minton; Directed and Produced: Sheila Sumrell;  101 Likes

The Black Hula Hoopers Unite Group presents: 62 hoopers from 6 countries: Hoopers of the African Diaspora. The compilation was put together by  Christel Lautel. 93 Likes


TOP 5 Articles:

Marium 2

Wonder Marium



The Dream of a Deaf Special Person in Pakistan and His Mission: To Save the World from Suicide Attacks and Terrorism by Hula Hooping: An interview with Akhter Jawed, Wonder Marium’s father, when she was still alive. One touching story about life in a different world and how big can be our dreams. 411 Likes


EUROPEAN HOOP GATHERINGS 2016: View Where and When! 157 Likes




“You know your addicted to hooping when… You turn an old hoop into a piece of art! Made this beauty for my sister for her birthday!” Shleb Myster

“You know your addicted to hooping when… You turn an old hoop into a piece of art! Made this beauty for my sister for her birthday!” Shleb Myster


You Know You’re Addicted to Hooping When…?: This is the primary question that is asked to each member of the Facebook group “You Know You’re Addicted to Hooping When…?”. Some of the responses are outrageous and only those who are into hooping can possibly understand. We have selected for you 25 of them. 117 Likes

The FlowLife of the Sky Flow Artist: An interview with wonderful Sky Flow Artist. The girl who amazes us with crazy gymnastic/circus style moves, remarkable tosses and cartwheels, and impressive multi hooping manoeuvres. 107 likes

Chautari Happy Hooping & Flow Arts Jam: Have you ever dreamed about visiting Nepal, to dive into the local atmosphere and enjoy the breathtaking Himalayan scenery?! This spring you have the opportunity to combine all of this with a one week long Flow&Spin JAM in Pokhara, Nepal…… 71 Likes


TOP 5 Single Hoop Tutorials:

Tutorial: The Iso Drop with Morgan Jenkins: A combination between Iso Pop, dropping, and catching the hoop behind the back.  68 likes

Morgan Jenkins

Morgan Jenkins

Tutorial: The Longbow with Ninja Hoops: An unexpected wheel that can be done without changing hand grips.  62 Likes

Tutorial: Horizontal Mandala by Sarah Schireman: 60 Likes

List of Hooping Tricks and Names with Orlala Wentink: Very useful, especially for the beginner hoopers. Video List of Hooping Tricks and Names, now with links to some of the finest tutorials!  54 Likes

Tutorial: Lazy Roll by Citrus Circles: An easy trick presented super professional and the best part are the great transition ideas!  35 Likes

Tutorial: Shoulder Pop Out with Babz Robinson: A slow motion tutorial for a shoulder/back pop out. 35 Likes


TOP 5 Twin Hoop Tutorials:

Amy HoopLovin

Amy HoopLovin

Tutorial: Hand Spins with Amy HoopLovin: 2 different ways of spinning the hoop with the hands which can be developed with 2 hoops and also with combining the 2 spins together for the “MEGA HOOP SPIN”! 29 Likes

Tutorial: Goddess Machine by Lauren Cole: The tutorial is broken down into different drills to help you master the technique 26 Likes



Tutorial: 4-petal flower vs isolation with Jasmine Kienne: Clear explanations, different views and drawing.  25 Likes

Tutorial: Drills for Twins Practice with Caterina Suttin: Great warm up to start your everyday practice.  22 Likes

Tutorial: Atomic 3-beat Weave with Jasmine Kienne: 3-beat weave variation inspired by the same movement with POI.  22 Likes


Thank you FOLLOWERS!
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Happy Hooping!


Ivelina Maystorova /Iva HoopPortal/

March 2016