Tiana’s words in this video, unedited:

“Meow! =-= Hoopcamp Retreats is a homecoming for me. It’s the first hoop event I ever went to and taught at. The first time I danced with my community for longer than a few hours. These moments have formed me. Challenging me to new embodiments, offerings and rhythms every year.
I bought my first Warrior Within Designs Onesie at that first Hoopcamp and overcame a big hurdle with self love. I witnessed my body as one beautiful structure, not pieces to tuck or hide away but a whole to be hugged in upon and supported. What a wonderful gift to witness and inspire to awareness. Inviting the daring and raw to dance into vision.
This year I premiered and vended my clothing line, Adaptive Armor, produced with Warrior Within. Each piece is adaptable in some way. The changes of your perception align new designs.
In this improvisation flow performance I am wearing the Black Lotus Onesie, Which armors your core and blossoms your stems in movement. The Top is a Kisan, meaning ‘wear three’, which is designed from the center of the flower of life. This pattern can be worn seemingly infinite ways and always ripples the fabric from your form and cascades the trail of the circles you’re connected to. All the pieces from the line are created with recycled plastic and are printed with the Tiny Texture textile I developed as an artistic representation of organic growth. Also leggings featuring the art of Taylor White!
These pieces are my fruit given nutrition to grow from the rich soil of inspiration seeded within community. Eternally grateful for the many lights that have shone my way. I love you and appreciate every moment!
Here’s a raw offering, an improvisational dance to a recording of my own spoken word. Rising and falling with the support of the circles around me and the center within me.
Adaptive Armor Line coming soon!
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Poem in full:

This is my Flow
There are many like it, but this one is mine.
I’ve committed to spend my lifetime divining the designs that unfold when spinning in circles,
Embracing destiny beyond notions of destination and deadline,
Making play my practice and
Taking bliss seriously.
Moving meaningfully,
touching each second like the seam of infinity…
Living to learn in the moment,
listening to all that’s always, and almost been,
ever mindful the dance begins within,
I measure my actions by the depth of their intentions,
not surrendering my soul to violence coerced by blindness,
I honor the perfection of the honest expression.
Wake each day with the same calling,
to open eyes and rise!
Moving matter to motion and making each moment matter,
I’ve learned this from dancing with a partner who every day offers me the same gift,
the open infinite space within
to move and be moved.
Yes, I’m talking about a hula hoop.
And I know it might be surprising that a toy teaches anything enlightening, but I inquire who leads in the dance between the inspiration and the inspired?
I believe we’re all artists whose dreams paint the visions we’d call reality.
Mastering many mediums to express the truths that make peace with our mortality,
it matters only that you take the chance,
remove the shame from your senses and trust your dance.
I find it inspiring the world never stops turning.
By these invisible forces we’re given new days to create new ways of reacquainting,
with every dance, we’re exchanging our stories,
sacrificing our pride and glories
for the connections forged in between,
in the space where you and I dance,
bare, bold and seen.
I raise my voice because to me,
Freedom is not a choice,
but a Response-ability I rise to every day,
and I gotta let em know so I rise up and say,
This is my flow,
there are many like it,
but this one is mine.
It’s revolutionary by design,
and it may well be, the quintessentially, Pointless Art.
But it teaches me
the legacy of movement I leave
begins where my revolutions start
and I get another chance with every beat of my heart,
so I’m going to let myself grow,
let myself flow,
summon movement from the sound that in my resonance is found,
dance within this symbol of unity,
celebrating the beauty of souls set free,
for you and me,
and all born by the power of grace and energy.