Sofia Yakovenko, Daria and Valeriya Davydenko, Ukraine

Circus art features the unusual, illogical, and eccentrically. Rare skills and charisma, physical beauty and elegance, strength and grace, courage and enthusiasm – this is what distinguishes the children attending courses in circus arts.

Тhis is what characterizes these three young girls: The SILVER medalists of IV International Circus Festival “Golden Trick of Kobzov”, absolute favorites of the audience – the Ukrainian trio “Music Box”. Тwo participants which are 12 years old and the third one – 10. Daria Davydenko, one of the girls told: “My mother took us with my little sister Valeria at a music school, but they said, we are too young. Adjacent to the music school was the circus studio. We went to try – and they took us! There we met with the third girl – SofiaYakovenko and we founded the troupe. We practise about 5-6 hours a day; Our teacher sometimes regrets us, don’t let us to stretch too strong, but we where goin home and continuing “. Dariа’s grandmother says that the prize that the girls receive, covers the costs of the course and the purchases of the costumes. Eventually, the circus is a huge pleasure!