Jelena Mitra aka Mitra Hoop is a professional Hula Hoop performer. Fire dancer, LED-light dancer, burlesque dancer and stilt walking. She has a unique Hula Hoop technique, in which she combines acrobatics, expressive and beautiful dance.
With a high stage presence, she captures the audience as she captures her Hula Hoops.

Jelena Mitra Hoops performance is not only about entertainment. Her hoop dancing provides opportunities to creatively express herself, which in turn, allowed her to heal and change her life forever. A fundamental structure in both math and in nature, Jelena shifts some spiral movement magic on stage towards the audience.

Mitra Hoop is based in Stockholm in Sweden, but travels all around the world for performing and teaching.


Book, order dates and Hula Hoop’s on www.mitrahoop.com

Watch Mitra’s performance from Boom Festival: Mitra Hoop performing to Live set by Ace Ventura