Birthday: September 1, 1954  Hometown: Karachi/Pakistan

Akhter Jawed Birthday: September 1, 1954 Hometown: Karachi/Pakistan

Who are you?

I am a deaf, low vision disabled ID card holder from the city of Karachi/Pakistan. I am 60 years of age, but my ideas and thoughts are of a young man. I lost my job working on this mission in this country where land lord and investors are ruling.

What are you doing?

I have been working with my wife on this mission for 13 years to save the world from suicide attack and terrorism by training of our girls in Hula hooping.


What is your success?

I am proud that I am a trainer of 4000 girls in all cities in Pakistan.  I also trained my daughter Mariam, who has 60 national awards as well as a partnership certificate holder with UN, WFP Ambassador from of US. She is the top star of Musical Nights/opening performances of National Games/Olympics in Pakistan but only hooping with music.  She also has a black belt in Karate.


My daughter Marium in BBC

Akhter’s daughter Marium in BBC

You seem to be worried, why?

Pakistan, where society has fallen into the abyss of religiosity to an extent that anything related to culture, creates confusion. A woman is imprisoned within the four walls or in a burqa (a loose, usually black or light blue outer garment worn by Muslim women that covers the head). Nearly not allowed to take part in service, sports, recreation, art and athletics. was blocked by the High Court due to religiosity, The marathon race program has been closed since 2007 and New Year’s night is also not allowed.

The Foundation Poll Pakistan is the third most dangerous country for women in the world. It cited more than 1,000 women and girls murdered in “honor killings” every year, and reported that 90 percent of Pakistani women suffer from domestic violence.

Fundamentalist are running everywhere like bulls. There are so many dangers/warnings and threats against me from fundamentalist and the Taliban ….. They say: “Do not train girls in Hula hooping!”. They say this fun is unholy, heretic,(a proponent of such claims or beliefs) this fun is against Islam!
A Muslim girl cannot perform, sports, or Hula hooping …..

But my mission to save the world is still ON!


What is the importance in your mission?

I am the last hope for peace, love and humanity for my country. I have been working for 13 years to save the world and I am standing in the modern world in the war against terrorism and fundamentalism but I cannot find encourage/awards from the world or UN, or international organizations, I am still alone in my mission.

Corrupt landlord and mill owners are ruling in my country. They do not want peace. Rulers and fundamentalist can get 4 wives or low cost labor by non-educated girls and women, which are the fuel of their farm and factories or their castles.

They don’t want us to stand up for our rights. Landlords bought my corporation and removed me from my position as a service management support officer. The name of my company is Karachi Electric Supply Company.

I am happy to have lost my service to save the world. Nobody can stop me!!!


Training in a park

Training in a park


What do you want?

I want to organize hoop learning programs in all cities and nearest countries for awareness of girls and women. Only the awareness of women and girls can change the situation of peace, love and humanity in the world.

I alone can not change the world. If the world and the UN and other International organizations help me, they will get back from this deaf special person a gift: A part of World Peace.

My second wish is to visit promoted countries to learn more about hoop teaching, hoop making, and to get more people from promoted nations who can make something new out of old ideas.
My “girl’s awareness” mission can change the luck of my country and poor people and save the world from suicide attacks and terrorism.

And YES we will fight together but not by arms, Hoop is our weapon, our different ideas will root out the terrorism and suicide attacks. I believe, all hoopers and art peace lovers can make a difference in the world of peace….Hula hooping can root out Jihad from the Muslim world.

Basically, we have no chance in recreation and art aesthetics in any form of joy or happiness.


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Story of Akhter Jawed
Writen by Ivelina Maystorova
Edited by Sheila Sumrell