Project 1280 is a collaborative art piece between Filmmaker/Video artist Sarah Sea, Hoop Performer Poki and Musician Brian Mayhall. Born out of the desire to inhabit and interact with the immediate local environment Project 1280 shows a side of the city previously un-portrayed in such twilight beauty. It is an outlet for expression of human emotion produced by living in a constantly evolving manmade landscape.

After meeting on the dance floor of a hula hopping jam in the creative heart of Dubai’s industrial district, Al Serkal Avenue, Sea and Poki quickly came to realise their common fascination of living within a city of gaps and rapid change. The temporary spaces which are left behind after construction has shot up seemingly become holes in the city, in which humans fill and other spaces, wait patiently to emerge into new suburbs. In an attempt to occupy space before it is forgotten and transformed into something else Sea & Poki embark upon an experiment to capture those places and time in all their beauty between the dead lizards, immortalised footwear and utility gravestones.

Matthew “Poki” McCorkle

Sarah Sea

Brian Mayhall


Wooden Hoop handmade by Wes