Music: Phoenix – Kill J

The text to the video of Tiana, as published on YouTube:

“The embers of yesterday have begun igniting new flames.
So long I’ve felt in the ashes, a smokey vision of self surrounded me and my wings were found in remembrance.
Today I felt the sparks ignite again.
I felt the fire in my wings, the structure of my pieces coming to fruition in glimpses of light.
The smoldering given levity caught a breath to radiate new beginnings.
New feathers, new form, I will again, be reborn.

I’ve taken the time to plant myself in Oakland for the past few months in order to isolate myself from the circuits of connection that keep my feet from the ground. 3 years ago I spread my wings and took off toward the world with a hoop and a need to fly. I found life, love and adventure around the world and a world of new friends, artists and family to come home to. I let this flight ride until my wings fell off and my body succumbed to combustion. I crashed and burned, born again as the dust of dream I became before. Dissolving myself to nourish the seeds I’ve been carrying and offering them new soil to grow in.
I’m living with my sisters who have been supporting me in this process, finding a source here to reflect the nature of my growth. Brave days in the practice of creating new ways. The next phase is one of nurturing a new vision for our sustainability. Making home here and structure a life that is fertile for sprouting seeds and growing wings.
This is a process of everyday stretching into my limitations from a grounded place. Building my strength through a sense of renewed balance. Toiling everyday to see the tiny miracles that one day will be witnessed as big magic.

One step to my grounded offerings is I built myself a new website (woot!), ch’ch’ch’eck it:

Big Love, Big Hug!”