Published by Katherine Callahan

“Every once in a while, the Hoopsquatch will let me catch him on camera. This rare beast is my Hoopy hubby, Michael Callahan. He shows me he loves me by participating in my crazy projects. This is the thirteenth video in Hoopy’s Dancing with Atlanta Public Art video series. I’m over halfway to my goal of capturing 100 pieces of Atlanta street art on video.

The art in this video is from Forward Warrior, a collaborative street art project that takes place annually in Atlanta, Georgia. These pieces can be found in the Cabbagetown neighborhood. The works are by Lauren Pallotta and Kyle Brooks.

This song is by Blair Crimmins & the Hookers, a genuine Cabbagetown musical phenomenon. I claim no rights to this music and encourage you to buy the song on iTunes. All the artists retain the rights to their work. These videos are an act of love and celebration.

Thank you so much for watching!”
Katherine Aurora Callahan