Tiana Zoumer:

Goddess of the moon,
Mother of our tides,
Our waters are moved by your impressive orbit,
Inspired by the magnetism of your gravity,
Enamored in the glowing grace of your cyclical luminosity,
Your imperturbable peace beams down upon an earth in flux
The wisdom of saying little and feeling much.

I have always found the ocean terrifying and tremendously moving. As I went through puberty I often found myself in dreams where great tsunamis were pulling me from shore to sea. Sucked up into the tides of my emotions I sensed the forces within me pulled towards vast and turbulent depths.
Raised in a home where tears weren’t welcomed and feeling was limited by expectation, I had to hide my churning. As mother moon pulled at my womb, telling me of the fertility I was born to, I fought to survive the towering waves, trying to quell them in appeasable ways. I suffered in the shadows, casting my sense of self to the dark side of the moon.
As I grew I found the hoop and instinctively knew that this practice would bring me back to expressions which were true.
The circle touches my body informing a revolutionary relationship to the seas within myself. As the moon moves the tides, I animate flow divined in feeling and find transverse the path from harm to healing.

This video is in honor of the mother earth and sister moon.
We have a responsibility to honor the elemental lessons of our existence. To respect the cycles that inform and inspire us. This is my offering to that process. In humility I bow to the forces that become us.

Featuring my new clothing line, Adaptive Armor, inspired by the circles divine alignments and the infinite textures of our organic growth.
Created using recycled plastic with original art and designs by me and Taylor White.
Check it out: http://www.tianazoumer.com/collection…
Produced with Warrior Within Designs in San Francisco, CA

Gratitude to my family, friends and flowmies for believing in this dream with me, you make my world go round.”