An improvised dance by Luna Brie Blakeman, performed at the 2015 Kansas City Juggling Festival.

LUNA: “Last month I had the joy of returning to Kansas City to perform at the Kansas City Juggling Festival. I performed my choreographed multi-hoop act, but decided I should do something different for my second act. It has been quite some time since I simply improvised on stage, and as I returned home to Kansas City, the place where my obsession with this plastic ring began, I felt clear that this was the stage to let loose on. I created a very open sequence of some of my favorite tricks, said my blessings to everyone who has supported me on this crazy circus journey, and released any fear or tension around making mistakes. My mission was to simply have fun, and share a collection of skills that I have been working on as an offering to all the people who have supported my crazy pursuit.”


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