Hooping Tricks:

Waist hooping / “How to Hoop” Rap Song about basic waist hooping
“Coil up” into chest hooping / Tutorial: Waist to Neck by Deanne Love
Knee/leg hooping / Tutorial: Learn a few different methods for hooping at the leg with Jess
“Getting it up” legs to waist / Tutorial: From Knees up to Waist by Deanne Love
One leg hooping (flamingo) / Tutorial: One Leg Hooping by Hoopsmiles
Getting your foot back in / Tutorial: One Leg Hooping Transition Ideas
Lift up from legs (to lasso) / Lift Up From Waist To Lasso
Shoulder hooping / Ann Humphreys: 5 Tips On How to Get Good at Shoulder Hooping
Monkey arms
Lift up into lasso / Lift Up From Waist To Lasso
One-handed vortex (RELATED TO FLOATS)
“Air Flow” flow session from Deanne Love / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lnAHpiVr-A

Shoulder duck out with arm up
Reverse escalator
Never ending escalator / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgtNh…

Tutorial: Escalator Variations with Jo Mondy

Wedgie escalator, wedgie kick up
Pinch break escalator
Neck and face hooping / Tutorial: Head Hooping (& nooping) with Shelly McB
Continuous wedgie (fail)
Kickstart / Tutorial: Kickstart by Ann Humphreys
Ninja breaks, double arm breaks, whip whap wiggle
Other waist breaks
Breaks and paddles / 5 Tips: how to make your breaks and paddles totally awesomely badass!
Pinch breaks
Other breaks

Yo-yo bounce

Whip (linear iso variation)
Isolation (iso)
Two-handed iso / Tutorial: Two handed inside grip isolation by Missy
Linear iso
Cat eyes
Iso pop
Inside out whip / Tutorial: Isolation – the inside out whip
Ghosting iso
Ghosting linear iso
Ghosting linear iso variation / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjj3a…

Ghosting variation (ghosting inside out whip) / Tutorial: Ghosting Inside Out Whip by Orlala Wentink

Tutorial: Isolation variations

Backwards weave
360 weave
Deanne Love’s move (tutorial now private)
Folds / Tutorial: Arm Fold with Missy
Hoop hug, body wrap, body fold / Tutorial: Body Wrap by Hillary Hula
Wait wrap, butt wrap
Stir the pot
Palm balance / Tutorial: Balance Technique with Baxter
Balance variation
Palm spin / Tutorial: Hand/Palm Spins with Rachel Symoné
Hand spin / Tutorial: Hand Spins, Variations, and Hand Spin Toss with Louisa Hula
Chest roll / Tutorial: Chest Roll by Liam SpinYang
Back roll / Tutorial: How to roll a hoop (Back roll) with Kyle Johnson
Palm balance into vertical chest roll
Neck coin flip, neck coin toss / Tutorial: Neck coin flip by Spiral Pixie
Behind the back elbow pass / Tutorial: Behind the Back Elbow Pass
Vertical cross arm hoop fold
Horizontal cross arm hoop fold
Smear variation / Tutorial: Smear Variations with Deanne Love
No handed smear
Isolated barrel roll
Walk the dog into foot pop
Walk the dog break and reverse
Head toss
Vertical duck in Tutorial: Vertical Duck-In
Body pass
Helicopter /  Tutorial: The Helicopter by SaFire
Chicken grip

Turn on annotations to see some corrections!