When we first learn a new trick, a new transition, a new dance, it is natural to focus on the steps and the moves? But if we want to feel good and look good, we need to go beyond technical accuracy and incorporate into our dancing a relationship with the audience. Without a relationship, the hoop dance is just hooping, just exercise, unsmiling locomotion. But if the dance contains emotion and communication, then we have something more than exercise. We have art.

Katie’s authentic facial expression makes us smile and gives us positive energy. Free of charge.

SMILE hoop dance, headstand, floor hooping, double hooping, and interesting transition and multi-hooping ideas.

Performance by Katie Sunshine @katiesunshine14
Music: Got The Love (feat. Jennifer Hartswick) by Big Gigantic @biggigantic
Hoops: 31″ OD HDPE Performance from www.katiesunshinehoops.com
Filmed by Matthew Jeppsen @mjeppsen
Edited by Katie Sunshine