Katherine Callahan in this video:

“7 years ago at a Halloween party, I fell deeply in love in a giant, black plastic hula hoop…..

10 Things I love about hoops:

1. This is not a toy. This is a sacred circle.

2. Hoopdancing makes me a better mom, wife and friend.

3. Hooping heals.

4. When my hoops are with me, I am never bored by “waiting”.

5. You can never have too many hula hoops.

6. Hooping is great exercise. I lost 40 pounds!

7. Hooping saves lives.

8. Hoops give me something in common with thousands of amazing people – hoopers!

 9. I love that my hubby has started hooping!

10. Hooplove has led to collaboration & creation.”

Dance Hoops is looking for hoopers to sponsor and for Katherine would be honored to be one of them! Hoops have changed her life for the better. She says that Inertia makes the most gorgeous hoops. She is a tape witch.