Marianna De Sanctis is a hula hoop, comedy and circus performer.

Once started to play with the hula hoop fun, Marianna discovered that it helped her to release repressed anger. After that she played with this circular object in various performances on open stages, and she decide to study something beyond the techniques learned from the hula hoop videos she had seen. She went on to study at Flic circus school in Italy, and later in the school of circus Le Lido in France. Having started this skill just for fun, she now works using her own personal style, where the simple turn of hula hoop, is sometimes forgotten in the corner of her brain.

Italia’s Got Talent 2015: Marianna performs a number of unique juggling and acrobatics with her hoops: the judges have never seen anything like this, and for the queen of hula hoop it is a unanimous chorus of YES!