So your hoop isn’t a perfect circle? This can happen a number of ways that are all very normal and common:
1. Your new hoop just came in the mail, collapsed or coiled down, you unpacked it.. and oh no! It’s wonky, ovally, misshapen, or just generally not an even circle all the way around.
2. You’ve left your hoop outside, or in a hot car and it has become misshapen.
3. You just don’t know why, but your hoop just isn’t a circle!

Almost every hooper will have an experience with a wonky hoop at some point, but it’s an EASY fix!

Just check out State of Sunshine Hoops‘s  explanations in this video!


*NOTE: If your hoop is cracked or actually had a complete bend in the tubing, these facts will not help you! Cracks and bends typically means the death of a hoop.*