Summer was in full swing when, during an European festival, for the first time ever I saw a hoopdancer – so smooth and magical in the rhythm of music! It was love at first sight! Up to that point I hadn’t have any close contact with the props flow arts, so few months passed before I order my first hoop. Meanwhile I toured local shops, but what I found there were only Chinese plastics and not bad mini hoops. This turned out to be was my lucky strike! Outside, everything was covered in snow and miniplay proved to be the best for this time of the year. My first trick was 3 beat weave. I didn’t give up for two days until I get this movement. I was so ecstatic that my love to mini twin hoops still burns in me!

Not long after I become a proud owner of a real size hoop. But …a problem appeared –  hula hoops for beginners are so large and heavy, outside was ice cold, and the rooms so small …..

Yet, there are some solutions to this hooperproblem:

  • In fact, you will probably find that the hoop practice becomes tighter and more diligent in the winter. If your room is large enough to flow, it will be really great for creativity. Well, of course, excluding pizza toss and any other tosses as an opportunity, but you’re forced into finding new ways to perform certain tricks. Turn your limitations into opportunities! Improve your flow by experimenting with your handwork and footwork. Make your hoop dance more interesting! It’s a great time to focus on smoothing out moves. Get the most perfect isolations, work on your illusions moves. Indoor hooping predisposes to a lot of smears and onbody hooping – from knees to the chest and back. It is possible to become breaks and paddles goddess.

Remember: You’re in your home, so you’re more likely to loose yourself and really get into your flow. Also no wind, no distractions, and music as loud as you want! It’s actually a wonderful time of year for hooping.

  • You could go around the gyms and studio spaces for dancing in the city you live. You’ll probably find terrain for 5-10 dollars. A big plus would be if there are many mirrors to see all of your movements. Idea: get your hooper friends together and rent a gym, make a spin night in your community, everyone pays a fee, get some tunes together and jam out!
  • Winter and lack of space to flow would be a good excuse to clean out your garage. Even if you park your car inside, it isn’t difficult to be moved outside for an hour or two, as long as your training.
  • Weight loss workouts with your hula hoop: It burns mega calories, sculpts your body, and blasts off belly fat. The longer you hoop, the more your body gets used to the movements and the more skills and confidence you’ll have with your hoop.
  • Start mini hooping! It’s perfect time for downsize! You get more comfortable with smaller hoop! You would improve your hand tricks and spins, and make your offbody tricks smoother! And mini twins are perfect!
  • Just go outside and hula hooping in the snow! But be careful: Keep your Poly’s warm!

Warm Winter and HAPPY Hooping to Everyone!

Ivelina Maystorova