Hula Hoop Ballet Fusion, for Strength & Flow Part 2: Tendu, Rond de Jambe, Turning, Arm Positions

Jennifer Swanson, founder of Kindlette, dancing all of her life, and 6 years ago she fell in love with the flow arts. Mainly Hooping and Poi. She found that her ballet background has immensely helped her movement and flow through any prop. This series is all about movement with your hoop.

Jennifer says: “Even if you don’t hoop, I challenge you to pick one up. I guarantee it will make you happy and feel great!”


This video is the second of her Hoop Ballet Fusion for Beautiful Flow series. Tendu, Rond de Jambe, Turning, Arm Positions.

This exercise is constructed to work through your legs, to bring poise into your positions, and to get moving by adding in arm changes with cohesive flow throughout the entire body.

Through the progression of training and using smaller moves, such as the Tendu and Rond de Jam, you will strengthen your muscles and prepare your body for the much more difficult moves towards the end of the video. You may not want to jump right in and attempt the difficult turns towards the end. They are intended to just show you where these warmups can eventually take you.

Jennifer’s IMPORTANT INFO about the Attitude Turn on Point: She is wearing special dance sneakers that allow her to go onto point. Don’t attempt to do anything on point unless you have special shoes and already have training. You also must be warmed up before attempting anything on point. These kinds of things take time to learn so be patient with yourself, you’ll get there! Take care of your body and don’t force yourself.

-always focus on your center of balance.
-stay lifted throughout your entire body.
-when turning, use a spotting technique so you don’t get dizzy or lose balance.
-use the movements of your arms to help with momentum when turning.

Part 1: Hoop Ballet Fusion for Beautiful Flow series. Pliés