Hula Hoop Ballet Fusion, for Strength & Flow Part 1: Pliés, Hoop Dance Warm-up, Stretch

Jennifer Swanson, founder of Kindlette, dancing all of her life, and 6 years ago she fell in love with the flow arts. Mainly Hooping and Poi. She found that her ballet background has immensely helped her movement and flow through any prop. This series is all about movement with your hoop.

Jennifer says: “Even if you don’t hoop, I challenge you to pick one up. I guarantee it will make you happy and feel great!”


This video is the first of her Hoop Ballet Fusion for Beautiful Flow series. Pliés

Strengthen your body and improve your flow through the fusion of hooping and ballet. Concentrate, move precisely throughout this Plié warm-up. This will strengthen your muscles, become easier and almost meditative over time. Feel each part of your body working through each move.

-Focus on balance, and the placement of your body. Keep yourself alined. Imagine a string pulling you up from the top of your head, elongating your body upwards. You are light and lifted. Your center of balance is in line with that string.
-Even when you Plié, stay are lifted in your torso with your back straight, engage your stomach muscles and keep your pelvis in line with your body. Don’t stick your butt out!
-Keep your knees over your toes and don’t roll your feet or knees forward. No need to force turned out feet or legs.
-When bending back, lift your chest for the bend. You are bending from the upper back, by lifting your chest.