Hooping Music: Looking for that perfect song to have your #hoop #session with? This is the place to discuss your favorite music and share ideas! Connect with music and hooping in this group designed to #fuel and #inspire each other.


Hula Hoop Promotion: This is an entertainers outlet. A place for hula hoop companies, artists, and event planners find hula hoopers and flow artists that are looking for u! Hula hoop promoting page . Post your videos here if your looking for a sponsor. Hoop companies can advertise here or recruit hoopers.


Weekly Hoop Drills Challenge!: Members of this group have a weekly challenge: different hoop tricks/combos each week.


Monkey See. Monkey Do.: Welcome to the playground! This is a challenge aimed at making practice fun.
Each week there will be one Drill Master Monkey. The DMM will post a video of a trick each morning, Monday through Friday. It can either be a tutorial made by someone else or his/her own video of that skill being drilled with a link to the tutorial. Then all the rest of monkeys must post about their experiences drilling it, either through video, pics or comments.


Hoopers CommUNITY: This is a commUNITY group for all who share the love for the sacred plastic circle. All hoopers are welcome, as long you come in peace and with love in your heart.


Hoop Dance Love: This is a POSITIVE and LOVING Hoop Group where a hooper can come and share their hoop videos, hoop questions or to grab some inspiration.


The Hooper’s Safe Place: The Hooper’s Safe Place is exactly how it sounds a safe place to go when you need a hand or a shoulder. This is not a replacement for professional help but it is here as a positive addition.


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