Hoop Revolution: Welcome to the inner circle! This group is for all things hoop. Yes, Hoop Revolution is a business name but it is also representative of the Hoop Dance movement at large! Keep your posts to hoop related topics only. Viva la Revolution!  The admin here is awesome  Anah aka Hoopalicious. This group is linked to the site http://www.hooprevolution.com/


HOOPLOVERS: This is a positive and nurturing space for support and sharing. It is an open group and all are welcome to share your videos, photos, tips, ideas, requests, daily hoop adventures, creativity.. It is expected that comments and shares are kept creative and positive; negative feedback is not a part of this community. An admin here is lovely Deanne Love. This group is linked to the site www.hooplovers.com


Hooping Mad Online: A place for people taking/interested in learning with Hooping Mad. Links to awesome tutorials and inspirational videos, creative homework exercises, learning advice and information on Hooping Mad Online Resources. In this group are not OK any posts that are not directly related to online learning/the group so here the wall is kept free for for tutorials, homework submissions and questions/answers about specific tricks. This group is linked to the site http://www.hoopingmad.co.uk


The Hooping Community of Hooping.org: An inclusive hoop loving space for all hoopers, supportive of everyone on their journey in the circle. This group is linked to the site Hooping.org


Hula Hoop Art!: This page is for anything related to hooping art! Feel free to share your artwork here! Paintings, drawings, paintings on hoops… any sort of hoop art is welcome.


Hoop effects: Post photos of yourself hula hooping and people can edit and repost your photo with some awesome effects added.


World Traveling Hula Hoopers: This is a group dedicated to all of us hoopers who have a passion for travel. In this group, you can share your amazing travel hoop pictures, stories, videos, etc. The group is now business and event free.


Worldwide Hoop Events: As the worldwide hoop community grows this is a place where hoop-centric and hoop-friendly event organizers can share information about their events. Its also a place hoopers can share stories, images and videos from their event experiences, post reviews, constructive criticism, and recommendations of events they have attended. Events can be live festivals, workshops, trainings, classes and gatherings, or virtual, online experiences.


You Know You’re Addicted to Hooping When………: Members can feel free to express their feelings and have a few laughs about their hooping journey as well as discussions on the addiction that we all have to hooping.  Free space for share and upload pics or videos that relate to your hooping journey.


Everything But Hoops: Discussion from hoop-minded people about things that aren’t always hooping.


Blossoming Hoopers <3: Here is a place where the blossoming hoopers to watch others blossom in their hoop journey and encourage them to do so and share with others how hooping has helped them.


Wild Flow Tribe: Brand new group! Just a place where any and every flow art is welcome


Hoop Bloops: Brand new group! Post your awesome hoop bloops here.


Hoop Improvement: Brand new group! This is a group based on constructive criticism, creative solutions, and an heartfelt evaluation of artistic and technical movement expression. This is the place where you will get that feedback, where you can expect to be challenged, to see another’s viewpoint, to take your flow to the next level.


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