A few days ago, the largest and most popular Hoopdance related group – Unity of the hula hoopers– announced its freezing. Before it became clear that the group is moving to a new location with new name, people started wondering: Where to now? Where can I share my art? Which group will answers all my hooping questions? Which is your favorite group? Which?

This made me compile a list of all Hooping related groups. This list doesn’t include regional communities, non English speaking groups, and groups  for buying, selling, or trading hoops, as well as those who are bound by religion, gender and etc.

The list is extremely informative and is not intended to promote any of the groups.

If you do not see your favorite group, please insert the name in the comments below and it will be added.


Infinite Circles Community:  Infinite Circles is the NEW home for the Unity of the Hula Hoopers Community  and is a serious claim to be the largest group again. The mission of this group is to be a central place where hoopers can experience support from other

hoopers and share hooping ideas with fellow hoopers and flow artists.

The 2 main rules for the Facebook Infinite Community Group:

1) Hooping and flow art related posts only.

2) Only kind words should be used.

This group is linked to the site InfiniteCircles.org


Infinite Circles Videos: Another group of  Infinite Circles Community.  This group is the home for all the hoop and flow arts videos you want to share. This group is linked to the site  InfiniteCircles.org


Putting the Dance in Hoopdance: This space is about cultivating HoopDANCE!  You can share inspiring examples of hoopdance, articles about integrating dance into hooping, and tutorials specific to this topic. The admin of this group is inspiring and always helpful Carolyn Mabry. A lot of the early content here is hers because she had this interest for a long time but she encourage you to create dance-related hoop tutorials and blogs, comment and coach, and share your inspirations and the tutorials and dances that are influencing you.


The Hoop Loop: Оne of the friendliest groups on Facebook. This page is for every hooper to enjoy! A lot of the groups on Facebook have too many fine lines and people fear what they are writing or posting will get them kicked out. This group is different. As long as what you are posting has something to do with a hoop, it’s valid. This group is for positive and awesome stuff related to hooping and the flow arts.


Hoopers Without Limits: This is a rule free group! The only time anything will be removed is if it contains obvious bashing of another person. Many people getting very frustrated with all the rules surrounding other groups, sometimes it seems like it’s a popularity contest with the admins and an abuse of power. But no need to worry about that here, this is a safe place for everyone involved. So feel free to post whatever you want, if you think it’s flow arts related then so do we.



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