In this video, Kristin Lahoop tells us a visionary story about the “fragility, fractures, despair and love. All this is expressed. Each body movement is precision. A slight twitch increases to a total outburst. She fights with the hoop and tames it again. The hula hoop is sometimes a heavy chunk, which takes her out of balance and shortly thereafter it dances like a feather around her body. Body and hula hoop are initiating a game that the audience will spin into a fantastical story.”

The audience is breathless. Storm of applause at the end.

Kristin Lahoop is a Berlin-based hula hoop artist. You can book her to perform at your event or vaudeville show. For info write

Video filmed by Nico Paladino
Music: Tronthaim “Hauptstadt”
Performance @ Cirque Electrique, Paris