Performer: Jacquie Imohoff, Flow Show Chicago 2015

The Flow Show Chicago is one of three Flow Shows nationwide (along with San Francisco and New York); it is a celebration of flow arts through object manipulation – think hoops, poi, fans, expressive and impressive dance and motion using props. The Flow Show Chicago celebrates the diverse and wonderful community of performers throughout the midwest, and promotes the artistic and professional development of flow artists across the region.

Pushed to create a piece that stepped out of her comfort zone, Jacquie Imhoff came up with the idea that she wanted to be a moving painting, while still telling a story and showcasing her skills.
“With the help of some of Chicago’s best artists in music and visual projection (Ty Zabel & Mr. Zpacely) I was able to create a piece that I really connected with. It starts with creation, or birth, cycles through life until death, and then after death. Thank you to everyone who pushed me to do this, it was an awesome growing experience. I hope you enjoy my movement art.”