Mike Hayataka, aka That Hoop Guy  has been hooping for almost 5 years and in that time has fallen in love with hooping and teaching object manipulation technique. Now his mission is to share his love for this art with people in the community and help them to expand their repertoire.

Mike Smith, aka Doodle, a performer and instructor, first began working with props in 2007 at a music festival in Ohio, when he grabs in his hand a poi. Completely dedicated to the flow arts, now Doodle sharing with others what he has learned and learning from those he is sharing with.

This video showcases some ideas about how to combine hoops and fans with a little story and nice editing by Seth Thompson /Epiglotic Photographic/.

Music by The Vitamin String Quartet – Wake Me Up

Fire fans by Forged Creations
Tops by Harmonic Threads