Conventions, gatherings, retreats, or whatever you call them, these are the 2018 European events that every hooper dreams of. Lots of hooping fun, friendship and knowledge sharing.

In chronological order:

FS HOOP Con – 23 February – 25 February 2018 (Kassel, Germany)

This is the 4th FS HOOP Con which is held at Sports education center near Kassel. LED Space, hoop party, hoop show, workshops, a small swimming pool, nice outdoor area and lots of nice people. This Hoopcon differs from other hoop events with its totally free exchange of all for all. No expensive hooping stars here – every one is a shining star for us! We can use the hall round-the-clock. Accommodation, workshops, show, food – all under one roof. So we have a lot of time for hooping and free knowledge exchange!


Hulaballoo Presents Sky Flow Artist – 10 March 2018 (London, UK)

Sky Flow Artist

The lovely Sky Flow Artist will be twirling her way to London to bring us an afternoon of workshops in her unique style of Hula Hooping, inspired by her training in rhythmic gymnastics. Sky will be teaching two ONE-OFF workshops; “Hoop & Flexibility” – never before taught in the UK – alongside her Stellar multi-prop “Hoop & Ribbon” workshop. AND it’s her first time teaching workshops in London!
The workshops will be held in North London at Stoke Newington School.
Full details and ticket information available on the website:


AZA retreat – Yoga Hula Hoop Dance – 18 March – 24 March 2018 (Aourir, Agadir, Morocco)

B R E A T H E • M O V E • E X P L O R E

Two friends, consolidated by their love of circus, yoga and ice cream, sharing the opportunity to deep yourself into the movement and pleasure. Through the yoga practice, dancing and hula hooping, Paola and Sade will experiment the dimension of conscious and creative movement to enjoy and improve the practice.
Yoga classes, hula hoop master classes, creative movement workshops and delicious food in a stunning villa on the hidden wild Banana beach close to Taghazout village on the Moroccan coast are waiting for us.
During the “CREATIVE MOVEMENT” workshops they will work on awakening our child instinct. Playing, movement and dance can all be used to build a harmonic and balanced life. In this workshop Paola and Sade mix techniques from various disciplines such as contemporary dance, circus, physical theater, aikido, yoga, and Feldenkrais. Hooping event Morocco
There is a possibility to do extra activities during the free time such as surfing, hammam (traditional Moroccan steam bath), massage, day trips and horse riding.
A place to take a break to Feel your Body and Free your Mind!

Paola Berton
Sade Amina Nadour


Unicorn Hoop Fest 2018 – 24th March 2018 (Bristol, United Kingdom)

4 awesome and challenging workshops from an amazing diverse international line up!
Each student will get free gifts from the new line Unicorn Hooper as well as a picture of them HOOPING WITH A UNICORN! This year Unicorn Hoop Fest will be in Bristol, just a 15-minute walk from Gloucester Road close to Redland train station and bus stops.

Mike Hayataka – QUAD HOOPS



Welsh Hoop Convention – 31 March 2018 (Cardiff, United Kingdom)

An intense one day wonder, filled with workshops from Internationally celebrated hula hoop teachers and performers with classes varying from dance, yoga, circus and skills sharing.


Marianna De Sanctis
Photo by Valeria Mutinelli

Marianna De Sanctis
See Ying Yip
Star Fra
Esther Fuge
Sparkles Hoop Troupe (Elliecoptor Pilott & Ernie Sparkles)
(Workshop content TBA)

Non-hooping workshops including:
Warm up with hoop fitness
Flying trapeze (minimum numbers available)
Aerial Hoop (minimum numbers available)
Corde Lisse (minimum numbers available)
and a hoop jam (weather dependent)


Birmingham Hoop Fest – 14 April 2018 (Birmingham, UK)

If you want to meet new hooping buddies and learn from some seriously talented teachers, the Birmingham Hoop Fest is back.
A full day of hooping workshops, inspiration and learning new moves. Hoop Disco party after the workshops!!

Julia Hula
Livi Little
Rachel Symone
Sophia Wheatley
CircusMash (aerial workshop)


Rendez-v’HOOP France – 21 April – 22 April 2018 (Paris, France)

In April 2018, Lila Chupa-Hoops invites you to the most popular hoop gathering in France… the Rendez-v’HOOP France !! In the beautiful capital city of Paris, hoopers from all the country come for a special weekend of workshops, activities, shows and new friendships!

Hoop Event France

Rendez-v’HOOP France 2017  Photo by Didier Bonin

Alexis Marie
Helly Hoops
Buket Rin


Scottish Hula Hoop Convention – 28 April – 29 April 2018 (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)

Glasgow Hula Hoop presents the Scottish Hula Hoop Convention. One weekend of intense learning with international hula hoop talents and favorite teachers.
This year the convention takes place in Edinburgh, returning to last year’s much-loved venue Dancebase (Grassmarket).

Teachers (Announced so far):
C-Section (aka Chris Gogler)
Federica Panetta
Jo Mondy


Hula Fest 2018 – 11 May – 13 May 2018 (Groningen, Netherlands)

The 3rd edition of the annually hooping festival in Groningen. 3 days of intensive workshops with international teachers from Germany, UK, and the Netherlands. More info TBA.


Brighton Flow Festival – 12 May 2018 (Brighton, UK)

Hosted by Live Love Hoop, this biannual hoop festival promises to be a memorable gathering of lovely Brighton hoop community. You’ll have time and space to play with friendly hoopers from the local area and take workshops with some of the best hoop teachers in the world:

Gail O’Brien
Lyndsay Hooper
See Ying Yip
Sophia Mackay (dance workshop)


WEhoop in Sardinia – 25 May – 27 May 2018 (Sardinia, Italy)

The second edition of WEhoop, an unforgettable weekend in heavenly Sardinia at Camping Village Tavolara, surrounded by nature, white sand beaches, breathtaking landscapes and it offers a range of activities for all ages.
Exclusive for 40 lucky hoopers that will be learning hoop dance from the best teachers worldwide! Your hooping paradise is just around the corner! All hoop levels are welcome!

Hoop Event Italy

Lisa Lottie
Sky Flow Artist
Nick Broyd
George Ruby
Ka Whoops
Hila Hoop


TADAH Hoop Intensive – 3 June – 10 June 2018 (Antalya, Turkey)

TADAH is a hoop paradise about 1hr from Antalya, Turkey and is fast becoming THE place for intimate hoop holidays.
World class teachers, small groups, full week events, the best training space, EPIC food, natural pool and excursions out into the beautiful surrounding make TADAH hoop intensives unforgettable.

Emma Kenna
Satya Bella


HOOPEN CIRCLES – 7 June – 10 June 2018 (Campione del Garda Italy)

Massimo Minervini: “An amazing event you don’t want to miss!
Very well organized, with all pieces nicely falling into place: classes, teachers, open stage shows, food & accommodation, parties, …
Highly recommended to anyone interested in getting the opportunity to attend lots of classes about hooping (and more) with prestigious teachers, while spending a few days in a perfect vacation venue.”

Hoopen Circles is a four-day retreat held in Campione del Garda on beautiful Lake Garda (Italy) on June 7-10, 2018.
This is a gathering where people come to spend quality time together, learn from some of the best international teachers and meet each other in an environment as safe, easy going, pleasant and friendly as possible. From beginners to advanced, everyone is welcome!
Super location, good food, talented teachers and a super cool group of folks!


Hoop Event Italy

Hoopen Circles 2017

Tal Fransky – hoop, Israel
Buket Rin – hoop, Turkey/Sweden
Reni Hardmeier – hoop, Switzerland
Andeli Zumbühl-Baur – hoop, Switzerland
Silvia Sorce – hoop, Italy
Massimo Minervini – handstand, Italy
Alessia Castoro – hoop, Italy
Sara Vecchiori – tutu, Italy
Zaira Mórrígan – hoop, Italy
Manu Romano – flexibility, Italy
Federica Pennetta – dance, creation and movement, Italy



UKHG’s Spanish Hoop Holiday – 16 June – 23 June 2018 (Banyoles, Catalonia, Spain)

An amazing Hoop retreat in Spain in the middle of June, hosted by UK Hoop Gathering Project. A full week of gorgeous Spanish relaxation and massive Hoopiness! Sunshine hoop-times and loads of fun including a multitude of dance, meditation, and yoga classes as well as parties, shows and evening fun-times at the friendliest hoop gathering known to hoopkind.

Hoop workshops from:
Nick Broyd (UK)
Sophia Wheatley / Bella Tricks (hoop) (UK)
Livi Little (UK)

Yoga and aerial yoga from:
Charvee Yoga (PL)

Aerial hoop and pole from:
Gems Goddard (UK) and Eleanor Graham (UK)

Dance classes from:
Hannah Myatt / Doe Demure (UK)


German Hoop Convention – 22 June – 24 June 2018 (Hanover, Germany)

Henna Matanuska – MataHoops: “German Hoop Convention was funny, silly and all the way amazing event!”

In Hanover, Germany, one long weekend, everything will be about our most favorite activity: Hooping!

All Hoopers who are interested in learning new hoop moves, exchange experiences, getting to know other hoopers or just want to have a lot of fun, are welcome!

Workshops with professional hoop teachers, hoop parties, an evening show, a bazaar all about hooping and a lot more are waiting for you!

Hoop Event Germany

German Hoop Convention

Morgan Jenkins aka Miss Mo’Jangles
Mike Hayataka
Tal Fransky
Catherine Jameson
Loren DL
Matylda Gorska
Ina Hoopina
….plus more to be announced!


3. Alpine Hoop Retreat – 28 June  – 1 July 2018 (Vorarlberg, Austria)

In west Austria, on the top of the mountains, in the middle of a quiet and beautiful scenery for the third time, one magic will happen –
the Alpine Hoop Retreat. It is a four-day long weekend full of nature, flowers, great food, mountains, fresh air, dance and familiar connections. The Hooping event of 2017, this time comes with contemporary ideas and new friends. Smaller groups, more quality time with the teacher, more personality, more time to hoop and explore, more freedom to move – everything a hooper is dreaming of.
Attention: Suddenly you can find yourself surrounded by lovely people with that special kind of sparkles and enthusiasm to be and feel free. Or maybe sweet Diana will transform you into colorful beings with her amazing sense of painting.

Lisa Lottie
Zachary Lambert
Amy Inspiral
Hooping Mad – Emma Kenna
Geoffrey Szuszkiewicz
Lila Chupa-Hoops
Morgan Jenkins – Miss Mo’Jangles
Аnd all with the courtesy of the official sponsor – Hoopologie.


Italian Hoop Connection 4 July – 8 July 2018 (Montefiorino, Italy)

The Italian Hoop Connection 2018 will be held once again in the breathtaking hills of Montefiorino at the beautiful mansion Martelli Sport. This event has always been an opportunity to learn from teachers of the highest level and to exchange with hoopers from all over Europe.
5 days of intense learning and sharing, brilliant workshops, pool parties, beautiful scenery, amazing food, sunshine, gorgeous hotel, impressive teachers and of course, wonderful people.
If you need to relax and recover, there will be a delightful healing area in the green of the bushes where you can get your treatments with the special lovely team.

Hoop Event Italy

Sky Flow Artist
Morgan Jenkins
Gail O’Brien
Chris Gogler
Andeli Zumbühl-Baur
Paola Berton
Mike Rollins
Sade Amina Nadour
Eleonora Bijhoop
…and more to be announced!!!


Sunny Hoop Fest, the Greek Island Hoop Retreat! – 12 July – 16 July 2018 (Pythagóreio, Samos, Greece)

Sunny Hoop Fest is an exclusive 5-day hoop holiday experience in the stunning Greek Islands,
combining world-class hoop workshops with jaw-dropping locations, and all the sun, sea, relaxation, and fun activities that a Mediterranean holiday has to offer!
From hoop newbs to hoop masters, find your flow, explore your limits, and dance in hoop workshops, parties, and jams. The small class size means you get invaluable 1-on-1 hoop coaching focused at your own skill level.

Hoop event Greece

Samos Island

Geoffrey Szuszkiewicz
Buket Rin
Andeli Zumbul
Reni Hardmeier
Sunny Diz


Heart & Hoop Dance Retreat – 20 July – 25 July 2018 (Bladel, Netherlands)

A hoopdance retreat for all levels with the heart in the middle . . .

Would you love to find a deeper connection with yourself, your hooping and with your hooping community? Are you ready to leave behind your normal life for a week and learn more than you have ever expected?
Visit the Heart & Hoop Dance Retreat, Netherlands!
What to expect there?:
Wonderful experience next to lovely and competent people.
High-quality hoopdance workshops by renowned Hoopdance teachers from all over the world.
Daily yoga, meditation, and Movin Body classes in mornings.
Free-dance, live music and relaxation sessions in evenings.
Full (really good) catering healthy, organic & fresh by a private Chef.
Special fire hooping ritual.
DJ LED night.
Market Place.
Private sessions.

Jonathan Livingston Baxter
Beth Lavinder
Lisa Elvee
Chris Gogler
Mirjam Douma
Sky Ruiz Vazquez


Hoop Gathering at Hardwick – 3 August – 5 August 2018 (Hardwick Estate, South Oxfordshire, UK)

The UK’s only boutique hoop mini-festival set in a stunning location near Reading/Oxford.
Seekers of hoop tricks, techniques, new hoop grooves and more hoop buddies won’t be disappointed as the well-known and experienced hoop teachers share their knowledge with you during the events.
Lovers of movement and flow will be able to dance wildly in the 5 Rhythms class and have some fun with choreography in energetic dance classes. Get bendy and chill-out with morning yoga classes or take it to the next level and hang upside down in the trees with Gems in aerial yoga or acro-yoga classes.
Hoops, riverside hot tub, fire, swimming, eating tasty food, playing, laughing, boating, learning, stretching, dancing, camping under the stars, performing, fancy dress wearing, nature-filled beautiful good times with wonderful people!

Sophia Wheatley / Bella Tricks (hoop) (UK)
Kay Dent (UK)
Gems Goddard (UK)
Rose Tolhurst (UK)
Dean Kayum – Dance, aerial/acro and alternative workshops such as 5 Rhythms dancing
Another TBC


River Hoop – Slovenian Hoop Convention – 23 August – 26 August 2018 (Dvor, Žužemberk, Slovenia)

4 days of fun and learning from amazingly talented international hula hoop teachers in the beautiful Slovenian countryside!
More of a retreat than a convention, this is your chance to enjoy good company, beautiful countryside and meet fellow hoopers from all around the world!
Beginner or advanced hoopers, everyone will be able to learn something and enjoy a fantastic weekend near the Krka river. You are also very welcome to bring along your kids, spouses or partners.
Don’t have your hoop or you can’t bring it with you? No problem 😉
It will also be possible to BORROW A HULA HOOP free of charge!Slovenian HULA HOOP Convention

Sky Flow Artist
Emma Kenna
Tal Fransky
Henna Matanuska
Tatjana Taja Vuletić
Isabella Maria
Sara Bajec
Greorge Ruby
Matija Vuletić
Mauro Lugano


Hoop N Hike Retreat – 28 August – 2 September 2018 (Lofoten, Norway)

Hoop n Hike is Your Arctic Hoop Experience! An intimate Hoop Retreat with fewer participants that will give you more one-on-one time with the instructors. Set in the beautiful surroundings of the magical Lofoten Islands, in the arctic part of Norway.
Come get inspired, learn something new, expand your skills to the next level with 5 days of hoop workshops, deep listening meditation and yoga. Enjoy the beautiful arctic nature, hiking, and excursions.


Tal Fransky
Paola Berton
Tanya Tamburaci Wegge –  Soul Movement Dance
Elisabeth Færøy Lund – Deep Listening Meditation


Croatian hula hoop convention – 30 August – 2 September 2018 (Croatia)

Exploring hula hoop as means of expression and nonverbal communication in different art branches – such as circus, dance, rhythmic gymnastics, acro hooping…

On the convention, you can learn how to make your own hula hoop, participate in various workshops and watch Gala show.. more info soon


Get the Ring: Hulahoop Convention Switzerland – 28 September – 30 September 2018 (Wetzikon, Switzerland)

Stay tuned, save the date and be fast to get your ticket.
It’s going to be hooptastic!
Dizzy Dinamic
Federica Pennetta
Ina Hoopina
Geoffrey Szuszkiewicz
Jewelz Hanssens
Thomas Foyk

SWhoop – 5 October 2018 – 7 October 2018 (Bristol, United Kingdom)

SWhoop is the South West Hoop Conference brought to you by Hooping Mad (aka Emma Kenna). Held in a converted church in the heart of Bristol in the UK, SWhoop is a high-intensity weekend of hoop workshops, crafting, shows, hoop party, ukulele, and A LOT of laughing. Each year offer a range of the best international hoop teachers and instructors plus extra circus and dance workshops.
Although SWhoop generally caters to a higher level hooper it’s still beginner friendly with a variety of levels of workshops to suit all.
Add to that two amazing shows, Saturday party until 2.30am, ukulele and the best food Bristol has to offer and you have SWhoop 2018!

Hoop event UK

Group photo by Debbie @Nature Versus Photography

Emma Kenna
Catherine Jameson
Sunny Diz Soti
Birte Poi
Sharna Rose
Kay Dent
and many more

Hula-hoop Intensive with Marianna de Sanctis & Lila Chupa-Hoops – 12 October – 17 October 2018 (La Petite Pierre, France)

Impressive one time opportunity: Marianna de Sanctis and Lila Chupa-Hoops are teaming up to create a unique 5 days intensive ‘retreat’, destinated to hula hoop performers’ apprentice. You got it, this is not quite the typical hoop holiday. “We want to bring a safe space for you to create, no judgment, we want to give you the tools to reach introspection and expression at your own level and pace like we do in residence. Both of us love to share, to make a connection with our students but it is sometimes hard in conventions where you get to teach only 1 workshop to 50 people at the same time. With the intensive, we will be a small group, working together and sharing our new experiences with the hoops. Of course, we will guide you into many aspects of the hoop artist, there will be times for research, times for learning and times for blooming.”

Hoop Event FranceTeachers:
Marianna de Sanctis – Breath / Sounds and silence / Danse and body consciousness / The word / Improvisation
Lila Chupa-Hoops – Storytelling / Your signature trick / Musicality and timing / Stage postures / Multi prop flow



PIRATES HOOP RETREAT (La Palma, Canary Islands)

5 days/4 nights, dates will be announced soon.
Workshops: An amazing array of disciplines including Aerial hoop, Crystal ball, massage, pole dancing, nature walks, and more will be offered outside the regular daily program of Hoop and Yoga.
This is the second edition of the Pirates Hoop Retreat, a new rowdy approach to a hoop retreat, in a breathtaking location, cut from the outside world.
Teachers will be announced soon.