27 – 28 February 2016 : MANCHESTER HOOP CONGRESS (UK)

Manchester Hoop Congress, hosted by HoopSpin. This 2 day event will focus on expanding your skills by adding new moves to your trickbase and new techniques to improve flow and movement with the hoop. PLACES ARE STRICTLY LIMITED. This is to allow quality teaching and space in workshops.

Manchester Hoop Congress

Manchester Hoop Congress

WORKSHOP LEADERS: Gail O’Brien – HoopSpin, Kay Sera Sera, Lila Margaux, Morgan Jenkins, Birte Poi



3 April 2016 : WELSH HOOP CONVENTION (Cardiff, UK)

An intense one day wonder, filled with workshops from Internationally celebrated hula hoop teachers and performers with classes varying from dance, yoga, circus and skills sharing.

CONFIRMED ARTISTS: Emma Hornell, Mary Jane Schroeder, Esther Vivienne Fuge, Elliecoptor Pilott, Elle Edwards, Barracwda, Kitsch n Sync Collective.



16 – 17 April 2016 : RENDEZ-V’HOOP FRANCE (Paris, France)

In April 2015, Lila Chupa-Hoops invites you to the most popular hoop gathering in France… the Rendez-v’HOOP France !! In the beautiful capital city of Paris, hoopers from all the country come for a special weekend of workshops, activities, shows and new friendships !


JO MONDY (UK) – Find your Flow

NICK BROYD (UK) – Ducking in and out

LILA CHUPA-HOOPS (FR) – Wedgie Combos





30 April – 1 May 2016 : The Irish Convention (Dublin, Ireland)

The Irish Hoop Convention 2016 will be a big meet up of hoopers from all over Ireland, suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced. This year teachers will be Catherine Jameson, Gale Francis Lyndsay Hooper, Birte Poi, Sophia Wheatley, Laura Ivers & Catherine Simpson!

Irish Hoop Convention 2014

Irish Hoop Convention 2014



TADAH Weeks with Emma Kenna and Brecken Rivara:

* 24 April – 1 May 2016 : TADAH Week with Emma Kenna

A week with Emma Kenna 24th April – 1st May 2016

20hrs of workshops with Emma plus jams and excursions

* 1 – 8 May 2016 : TADAH Week with Brecken Rivara

A week with Brecken Rivara 1st May – 8th May 2016

20hrs of workshops with Brecken plus jams and excursions

TADAH 2015 Photo: See Ying Yip

TADAH 2015
Photo: See Ying Yip

About TADAH Weeks: Do an intensive week of hooping in beautiful surroundings and the most stunning space you have ever used! There’s 20hrs of hoop workshops each week plus excursions to see the stunning surroundings, incredible food and 24hr access to the outstanding TADAH training space.

Having only 10 students per week makes it a truly intimate event and gives us the chance to really tailor our teaching to the individual needs of the participants.

Enjoy  that perfect place and it is the amazing TADAH in beautiful Antalya, Turkey.



28 May 2016 – 4 June 2016 : UKHG Spanish Hoop Holiday 2016!!

The  5th annual UKHG Spanish Hoop Holiday

UKHG Spanish Hoop Holiday

UKHG Spanish Hoop Holiday

Confirmed hoop teachers so far: Nick Broyd, Livi Little, Sophia Wheatley, Gems Goddard………

Other fun stuff during the week:

Pole dancing with Eleanor Graham

Mandala drawing and arty stuff with Amanda Thompson

Crafty arty fun with Rose Tolhurst

Yoga and free-diving with Tom Creed

Aerial yoga & movement meditations with Gems Goddard

Dance workshops with Fiona Ring

Aerial hoop with Becky Blackwell



May 30 – June 5, 2016 : HOOP HABIT ENERGY RETREAT (New Ross, IRELAND)

There’s no need to have hoop experience, and every body size is welcome. There will be laughter, light-hearted discovery, FUN and the freedom to get what you need. Simply prepare to smile and shine!

During this six-day, retreat-style playshop, you’ll connect–as a group–to the restorative energy of the hoop as a tool to heal the body and activate the mind. Hooping is about manifesting the greatest potential in your life.



2 – 5 June 2016 : Alpine HOOP Retreat (Vorarlberg, Austria)


The Alpine Hoop Retreat is a four-day event for all Hoopers, packed with a lot of high professional workshops from renowned national & international Hoop teachers, amazing optional workshops, of course a lot of fun and much more…
NO MATTER IF YOU ARE A BEGINNER OR A HIGH ADVANCED HOOPER, this retreat will have a lot of stuff for EVERYONE!

The event will take place in the mountains of west Austria, in the middle of a quiet and beautiful scenery. We will share a big house to live, eat, sleep, hoop and repeat 🙂





SHARNA ROSE (United Kingdom)


JO MONDY(United Kingdom)



ISABELLA MARIA (Austria/Oberösterreich)


Amanda Pittoreska (Swiss)

Gustavo Ollitta (Brazil)

HELENE KRAINER (Austria/Tirol)


www.alpinehoopretreat.com   https://www.facebook.com/events/1707875582832015/


10 June – 13 June : Schoola Hoop Camp 2016 (Near London, UK)

Imagine a festival style retreat where you can choose from some of the best hula hoop, juggling and circus workshops from National and International artists. Participate in yoga and other alternative healing workshops and practices. Try out some arts and crafts, eat scrumptious healthy food, have fun with your friends and be inspired by amazing Hula Hoop and Multi-Discipline Shows!

The Schoola Hoop Team is made up of multi talented individuals all bringing their own strength to the table, combining our individual skills and experience we make a great team. Most of us have years of experience in festival and event production, being involved in top name events we have enough experience to make a dream Hula Hoop Retreat.

Schoola Hoop Camp 2016

Schoola Hoop Camp 2016

Welcome Hula Hoopers, Jugglers, Circus Artists, Yogi’s and ALL!
Check out the AWESOMENESS at Schoola Hoop Camp…

http://www.schoolahoop.co.uk/  https://www.facebook.com/events/1736494183303738/

17 – 19 June 2016 : GERMAN HOOP CONVENTION (Hannover, Germany)

All the hoopers, who want to learn new moves together, exchange experiences, discover new friendships, party with their hoops and be astonished by the show are very welcome.

Workshops with some of the best hoop teacher, a bazaar, a LED party and our famous evening show are waiting for you.

CONFIRMED Teachers: Emma Hooping Mad (UK), Lila Chupa-Hoops (FR), Ina Hoopina (GER), Tasha (GER)




BRAND NEW UK hoop retreat for summer 2016!

There you will find:

– Hoop workshops from some of the UK’s finest artists

– Dance, aerial and crafty/creative workshops too

– Morning yoga classes and aerial yoga in the trees!

– Organic locally sourced, delicious vegetarian food all weekend long, including yummy wood-fired pizzas.

– A brand new countryside retreat location on the banks of the river Thames, conveniently situated just outside Reading

– A wood-fired riverside outdoor hot tub to relax in!

– Choice of camping, tipi accommodation or local BnBs

– A camping chill-out space with bean bags and hot drinks

Hoop workshops: Emma Hörnell, Nick Broyd, Sharna Rose, Livi Little, Gems Goddard, Rose Tolhurst

Hoop Gathering at Hardwick

Hoop Gathering at Hardwick


Dance classes: Fiona Ring

5 Rhythms ecstatic dance: Neil Pinnock

Morning yoga classes: Alisha Yogini

Aerial yoga: Gems Goddard

Crafty/creative workshops: Rose Tolhurst




1 July 2016 – 3 July 2016 : Sinergia- Spanish Hoop Convention 2016 ( Barcelona, Spain)

Sinergia- Spanish Hoop Convention 2016

Sinergia- Spanish Hoop Convention 2016


Signergia is going to be the first Spanish Hoop Convention in what will become a yearly eventThis time you will have a chance to explore the glorious sunshine, beaches and hoopers of Barcelona on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of July 2016.

Bringing hoop artists together from every corner of Europe, Signergia aims to integrate different forms of hooping into a unique experience for participants while strengthening our national and international community.

How is Sinergia different from all the other conventions? Sinergia’s  team is working towards organizing a space that cultivates a deeper sense of community while exploring the integration of different types of art and hooping. The locations will be connected to nature, the food will be homemade, and all forms of participation are encouraged and welcome.

Confirmed teachers:  Ninja Hoops, Lila Margaux aka Lila Chupa-Hoops, Naima Naim, Anna Ellen Eleni, Mika FansofHooping Barcelona



2 July 2016 : Brighton flow fest (Brighton, UK)

Brighton flow fest, hosted by LiveLoveHoop.  You’ll get the opportunity to take workshops with some of the best hoop teachers in the world. Plus you’ll have time and space to play with other friendly hoopers from the local area. All are welcome, from beginners to advanced.

Brighton Flow Festival Summer 2013

Brighton Flow Festival Summer 2013

Save the date. More info soon!



7 – 10 July 2016 : ITALIAN HOOP CONNECTION (Montefiorino, Italy)

 The Italian Hoop Connection is the annual gathering of hoopers in Italy. It is four days of full immersion classes with the best teachers from all over the world. We also practice dance, yoga, relaxation and, above all, have the opportunity to meet, discuss and enjoy great times with other hoopers! The first edition took place in a wonderful farm in the province of Vicenza in 2011, followed by a second edition in 2012 on the hills of Bologna. In 2013 the event was held at Venice Lido, on the beautiful beach of Alberoni. The location for the IHC 2014 and 2015 was Montefiorino (MO).

TEACHERS: Ninja Hoops (USA) – Gail O’Brien (UK) –  Jo Mondy (UK) – Mckenzey Simper (USA) …and more…



11 – 18 July 2016 : HOOP – YOGA RETREAT (Turkey)

Come with us to dive into amazing nature with many cultural trips, amazing food , hooping workshops and relaxing aerial yoga retreat. We have spend a lot of time and effort to find the perfect place for our beautiful hooping community. A place filled with beauty, nature,  peace and love.

We will be hooping in this very unique place 3 times a day with Nick Broyd , Paola Berton, Rachel Meyer learning and exploring many new moves and implementing them into hoopdance.

In addition to that we have prepared  workshops with Ruby Maya with whom we will explore and dive into new beautiful hoop- yoga style  ” HoopYogini™ “.



15 – 20 July 2016 : HEART AND HOOP DANCE WEEK 1 (NL)


22 – 27 July 2016 : HEART AND HOOP DANCE WEEK 2 (NL)

Hoop Dance Retreat for all levels!

Heart & Hoop Dance 2015

Heart & Hoop Dance 2015


Heart & Hoop Dance is a new and playful way to get out of your normal routine and find creativity and flow. You’ll get 4 to 5 hrs a day high quality hoop dance workshops given by teachers from all over the world combined with yoga, meditation, free-dance and relaxation sessions. Full accommodation in a 2-6 p. bedroom or tent on our charming Dutch farm incl. 3 healthy organic meals a day.

The retreat will be at the same location as 2014 and 2015, a wonderful place in the South of the Netherlands, 30 minutes west of Eindhoven. We are very close to the Belgian border, with a typical Dutch scenery of wide open fields and lots of cows. We are staying at an old farm!

Hoopdance Teachers:

Yay! There are 2 weeks. In case you book 2 weeks: no workshop will be the same. We carefully selected high quality hoop dance teachers from all over the world to fulfil the needs of hoopers of all levels.

Week I: Beth Lavinder, Brecken Rivara, Cody Hughes, Emma Kenna, Lisa Looping

Week II: Beth Lavinder, Emma Hörnell, Nick Broyd, Steve Bags, Valentina Martin



28 – 31 July 2016: HOOPEN CIRCLES (Cesenatico, Italy)

Hoopen Circles is an event directly correlated to the world of hoop dance, during which juggling, acrobatic and dance will also be present. We will soon provide you with detailed information about guest teachers,activities and location…in the meantime why don’t you come forward to join our team to be part of this first edition?
We already choose some of the teacher capable to guarantee top level workshops and great services.However, we would love to open up some positions to give everyone the opportunity to submit a proposal.We have space for traders,teachers and performing artists on top of what is already scheduled!

Hoopen Circles

Hoopen Circles

MARKET – There will be plenty of space in the hosting facility and we decided to allocate some of it to those interested in selling hoops,sport bags,clothing,accessories and also services such as massages and healing treatments.

OPEN STAGE – There will be two Open stage! There are several available spots for you to perform.

WORKSHOP – In addition to workshops and already scheduled activities, we would love to give to some of you, the opportunity to prove yourself as a teacher! We will offer an event’s ticket, discounted at 50% in exchange for an hour class..and we have six of them!We will consider proposals related to hoop,acrobatic,dance and juggling.




30 July – 7 August 2016 : EUROPEAN JUGGLING CONVENTION (Almere, NL)

The EJC (European Juggling Convention) is the biggest juggling event in Europe. Professional jugglers, street performers and amateur jugglers from all over the world travel to this festival to juggle, exchange tricks and have fun together. The convention takes place in a different place in Europe each year. From 30th July till 7th August 2016 it is the Netherland’s turn and the EJC will be held in Almere!



12 – 14 August 2016 : AUSTRIAN HOOP CONVENTION (Vienna, Austria)


The first teachers are confirmed – more updates will follow soon!

Marianna de Sanctis (Italy)

Emma HoopingMad (England)

Nick Broyd (England)



18 – 21 August 2016 : Hooptal – Hoopdance Festival


Marilyn Nova White – Berlin (GER)

Tasha “Mystic Circles” – Hannover (GER)

Krisztina Toth – Berlin (GER)

Mona Bawani – Freiburg (GER)



10 – 18 September 2016 : Broxford Juggling and Circus Convention (Oxford, UK)

Held in a field just a juggling balls throw from Oxford in the village of Garsington with local amenities nearby, come share, invent and get creative with friends old and new at one of the last outdoor juggling and circus convention camps of the summer for 9 days of fun and workshops with an all night practice & play space.
Juggle, hoop, spin, play and generally muck about in the carpeted circus big top play space; get a bit more serious and structured and maybe even learn something in the workshop tent; hang out, get your games head on and socialise in the cafe and games room, or go and stock up on all your circus skills essentials at the shop supplied and run by Jazzphab and Butterfingers.


Broxford Juggling and Circus Convention



16 – 18 september 2016: HOOP TOUCH – Paris Convention (France)

Hoop Touch - Paris Convention

Hoop Touch – Paris Convention

HOOP TOUCH is a parisian Convention organised by Hoopera, first HoopDance organisation in France.

More information soon.
On the meantime, save the date!



27 -30 October 2016 : HOOP! The Castle (Witzenhausen, Germany)

HOOP! Die Burg – The Castle is a hooping gathering at the Castle Ludwigstein in the middle of Germany.


HOOP! Die Burg – The Castle 2015


Four days of hooping, learning, laugh, party, and relax. Small groups of 14-20 people allow intensive learning experiences with our international teachers in the workshops. With additional optional workshops you can customize your stay: Yoga , relaxation and dance workshops, sauna and an indoor swimming pool complete the program and gives you the opportunity to relax. In the evenings we enjoy some fire hooping, the bonfire, the fireplace, the evening shows and the hoop parties together.

Let yourself be enchanted by the unique atmosphere of this event!



Ivelina Maystorova

December 2015