Odessa, 1961. Where else but on the beach could a sparkling, cheerful and romantic genre of “hula hoops” have been born. In those years hoops were spun by many women who wanted to take care of their figures. On the urban beach a frail girl of 12 years is spinning a hula hoop without knowing what an interesting life is awaiting for her. She does not know that her destiny will be inextricably linked to these particular hula hoops. Her name is Oksana Kostyuk. She has always been attracted by the spotlights of the arena, it has been her dream to be a part of the magical world of the circus. So she goes to the circus studio, first in Ukraine, the organizer and leader of which was Valery Kuznetsov. He does everything he can for his students. He teaches them not only circus arts, he taught them life.

But back to Odessa. There, on the beach, two creative people meet each other: a young, talented girl and a former acrobat, now a director and teacher of The circus studio. The idea about the “Hula Hoop” trick appeared when Kuznetsov saw another girl on the cinema screen. It was the movie “America through the eyes of the French”. The girl in the movie was spinning the hoop, it slipped down, but she easily grabbed it off the ground with the help of her leg and continued spinning it. And then Valery got the idea – this was the beginning of a new performance! To think and add acrobatic elements, to take more hoops! The idea of the director became possible thanks to the physical abilities of Oksana Kostyuk – the flexibility and plasticity of the girl matched just perfect. The performance was ready in just a few months. Kuznetsov incorporated a dance, invented a number of tricks, acrobatics, and as a result appeared “Hula Hoops”. It was the first of its kind. Kuznetsov was constantly coming up with new movements. For example: while the girl was spinning a hoop on her hand, she was performing a backbend, or while she was spinning a hoop around her neck she was sitting on the splits. Whould Oksana’s hoop fall from her waist to her knees, the director shouted: “Do not stop, spin!”. And she spun. She spun the hoop of her life, and the live spun her!

Source: http://www.procircus.ru