A prayer for Marium & Family written by Shellie White Light:

“May your spirit soar freely and continue to touch the lives of millions. May you receive your angel wings to comfort your child during tough times. Blessings of protection to your family as they continue to share your work, teaching hoop dance and promoting self-expression to the women of your world. Prayers to the people of Pakistan, may they see the light and know peace. We pray for a world where women, men, disabled and perfectly healthy are all treated equally. A world where no woman is controlled by a man, but loved and lifted up, treasured, cared for and honored. May your name live on in a way that promotes peace, understanding, change and compassion. May the women of the region where you lived be respected and revered as the holy beings that they are, not shamed for showing skin or speaking up. May all beings have the right to education, fitness, money earning and choice. We know and trust that our prayers are heard by the Great Creator of all, and that Marium is in the safe hands of her Maker. Thank you for your life and mission, Marium! All around the world…we bow to you, we love you, we thank you, and we will do our best to honor your life by enhancing the lives of others through the power of the hoop. In the name of God/Allah, so it is <3”

Marium Akhter: An ambassador and humanitarian who promoted love and world peace through the art form of hoop dance!

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Learn more about the mission of Marium and her Father, Akhter Jawed:  The Dream of a Deaf Special Person in Pakistan and His Mission: To Save the World from Suicide Attacks and Terrorism by Hula Hooping

Members of the Facebook Group, “You Know You’re Addicted to Hooping When…?” pay tribute to Marium Akhter (World Hoop Ambassador) who suddenly passed away July 2015. The group performs to a song by one of her favorite american artists, Michael Jackson. Gone, but she will never be forgotten Enjoy!

Produced & Directed by Sheila Sumrell

Musical Editing Consultant Tommy Hogunz DJ/Producer Selekta Recordings

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