5-Beat Weave: 7 ways to use it

5-Beat Weave: 7 ways to use it

Double Hoops Tutorial

Pam Theobold aka HoopDeeDoo sharing with us 7 ways to use the Five Beat Weave, 7 different transition ideas to get awesome Five Beat Weave Combos:

~ Back Roll Combo

~ Helicopter Combo

~ Hug Weave Combo

~ Split Weave – Hug Weave -Five Beat Combo

~ Iso Spin – Back Roll Combo

~ Five Beat Weave Breaks

~ Thread the Needle Combo

If you don’t know the Five Beat Weave, click on the links:

5-Beat Weave by HoopDeeDoo

5-Beat Weave by Steve Bags

5-beat Weave: Elbow crook variation in slow motion  with Jasmine Kienne


5-beat weave different way with Katie Smith

5-Beat Weave With Tosses by Kassandra Morrison


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