Carron Tapscott Bullard aka Carron HoopsAlot presents us a nice compilation of DOUBLE hoop moves for beginner to intermediate hoopers. You can see the informative video under the list of names.

List of tricks:

Split Time Hand Spin
Forward 2 Beat Weave
Reverse 2 Beat Weave
Forward Thread the Needle
Reverse Thread the Needle
Same Time Twin Hand Spins
Split Time Twin Hand Spins
Forward & Reverse Hand Spins in Split Time
Swing & Toss Catch
Figure 8 Twin Hand Spins
Forward 3 Beat Weave
Reverse 3 Beat Weave
Right Handed Figure 8 Double Hoop Swap
Left Handed Single Hand Double Hoop Swap
Double Elbow Spins in Split Time aka WagonWheels
In & Out Double Hand Weaves Split Time
In & Out Double Hand Weaves Same Time
Split Time Double Front & Back Spins
Behind the Back Double Hand Spin Toss & Catch Combo
The Goddess Machine
ISO Orbits
Hip Reels (Belt Weave)
Overhead Propeller Spin
The Fountain
Double Vortex

The Ocho Hinge Combo & the 180 Twin Turn:
Doubles Punch Twist
Swing & Catch
Behind the Back Smear
90 degree ISO
Thread the Needle
180 degree Twin Turn

Hug Weave (aka Crosser’s Weave)
2 Hoops Split
Thread the Needle with BTB Weave
Thread the Needle with Side Spin Outs
Split Time Hand Spins
Cross Weaves
Hip Reels
Kick Up
Shoulder Duck Out
Low Lasso Chase Weave